Looking for the best SMS marketing in Pakistan can be quite a hassle as finding a company that provides SMS marketing, as well as branded SMS in Pakistan, is unlikely. Many companies and brands nowadays make use of Branded SMS to market their products or services to existing customers as well as prospective customers through sending text messages on their numbers. This method can not only improve brand awareness but also keep customers updated on the brands they like.

SMS marketing is a process by which companies spread promotional messages regarding new product updates or more information regarding a brand. It requires the customer to subscribe to the company's promotional messages by sending in a shortcode. This method will allow companies to send SMS to mobile phones of their customers and ensure that they stay updated and increase brand exposure. Pakistan has many SMS marketing companies that offer various packages for brands.Moreover, they also offer packages related to locations. For example, SMS marketing in Karachi will be different from SMS marketing in Faisalabad and SMS marketing in Multan. Also, many companies have now been on the rise as a large chunk of customers feel that they need instant updates regarding the brands they are loyal to completely. Therefore, there are many SMS marketing service provider in Lahore, the most populated urban city in Lahore. Despite Lahore being commercialized, SMS marketing in Islamabad is also quite important, as that is the capital of Pakistan, and with many embassies being there, exposure can increase through targeting bureaucrats and foreigners. 

Branded SMS is what companies use to differentiate their SMS from others by having a distinct sender ID. Having branded SMS in Karachi is essential, as there is a wide variety of brands with different assortments. Therefore, sending branded SMS can set companies apart from their competitors and also increase exposure drastically.Bulk SMS is when companies send SMS to a large number of mobile phone terminals to increase exposure. This exposure can improve by sending SMS to different numbers in different mobile phone networks. Many companies provide this service; however, finding the best Bulk SMS service provider in Pakistan is a hassle as there are five large mobile networks with many mobile phone numbers. Therefore, finding a company that caters to all the mobile networks at an affordable price is a challenge.

Branded SMS For Every Business

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No MNP (Mobile Number Portability) issue at all.

Send SMS to all 5 mobile operators in Pakistan.

24/7/365 live Technical Support.

100% services up time.

Instant and 100% SMS delivery with your Business name.

User friendly, features enrich & responsive user interface.

Send personalized message to your customers.

You can send English as well as Urdu message.

Save and manage unlimited mobile numbers with personal
name and other information.


Use Text Fame SMS API in your existing application or website or any type of
software that can communicate with your customers through Branded SMS.
Easy documentation and expert support, it’s fast and easy to send Branded SMS.

SMS APIs are commonly used to:

Inform customers about sales, discounted offers and other promotion.

Send new stock arrival notifications and greetings to customers.

Automatic status updates about purchases and confirmation of orders.

Send personalized messages.

Act as reminders for appointments.

Send daily student attendance and circulars to parents.

Perform targeted marketing activities.

Send personalized information like password ,customer personal name and others.


Comparison of SMS Response Rate

Print Media
Social Media
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Do You Know

The Number of mobile phone users is much more than viewer, reader

and listener. According to a survey there were 156 millions active

mobile phone users in Pakistan till end of 2019 and counting. 92% of

people have and keep their cell phones with them all day and night.

75% actually want to receive offers, alerts, updates and reminders on

their mobile phones. So are you ready to charge your business with

the power of SMS marketing? Are you ready to get more customers?

Calling your business, Making appointments, And walking through

your doors, then what you are looking for? come join us and be a

part of Pakistan’s leading SMS marketing company today.

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Reasons to use SMS Marketing

Save time and reduce staff cost.

It is a timely communication, interact with your
customers, anytime, anywhere, everywhere so no
matter where they are?

SMS marketing is the best way to get in touch to
your number one asset-your customers!

Fast and quick response because peoples keep
their mobiles with them 24/7/365.

Traditional advertising methods are loosing their
effectiveness rapidly.

It’s quick, hassle-free, efficient and a less
time-consuming way to keep in touch with customers.

Peoples really love to get deals, offers and alerts
from your business via SMS.

No in-house support staff requried.

Decrease your carbon foot print and stationary

SMS marketing cost vary low.

It’s too much expensive and time consuming to
making multiple calls to customers.

Customers and business together have two problems:
customers looking for better values and businesses looking
for loyal customers: Botht hese problems can be solved at
the same time by using SMS marketing.

Over 2500+ Happy Customer and Counting

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