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Text Fame provides shortcode services to businesses and organizations from all sectors of the industry. We generate a short code, which is either a 4 digit short code or a 5 digit SMS code for your business so you can receive bulk SMS short code. A company’s clients or customers can send shared shortcode messages to receive information, updates, or post in their data. Text Fame can generate a dedicated short code that is unique and only associated with your company. Another option is creating a shared shortcode that belongs to more than one company to buy short code and separates their incoming text message short codes using particular keywords. There are many uses for an SMS short code service by banks, educational institutes, multinational corporations, and news outlets. The low short code pricing we offer allows them to reach more people while cutting costs. Any organization that needs short code text messaging in bulk can utilize a PTA short code to simplify their lines of communication, and short code texting makes it easier for their patrons to reach out to them. A short code SMS service provider in Pakistan can help you subscribe to a short code and streamline your communication.

Text Fame is a short code service provider whose expertise cannot compare to those offered by any other bulk SMS short code solution provider. At the front lines of mobile technology and telecom revolution, we one of the short code providers who make lives more comfortable. Whether it is for short code marketing, SMS message campaigns, or quick correspondence, SMS short code service is the future. Our short texting service helps you communicate with clients, share portable applications, and reach out to the maximum number of mobile phone users.

What is a Short Code

Short code, as the name suggests, is a shorter number that a business uses to send and receive SMS short code. Users can compose the message to the short code, which could be a 4 digit short code or a 5 digit SMS number and send them from all over the country. Short code text messaging is convenient for customers to communicate with businesses.

The length of the short code depends on the customer’s requirement. The smaller the number on the short code SMS alert is, the easier it is for people to remember it and recall when needed. The speed with which the SMS text reaches the recipient is faster because short codes receive a higher priority than regular numbers. No mobile operator can delay or restrict the sending of short code SMS, so you know your texts will be going through when you buy short code.

Short codes are versatile and can be used by administrations to conduct polls, get feedback, request mobile packages, send SMS messages, or create a charity fund. Other uses for SMS short code service include generating instant short code SMS alert for leads, tracking of order shipments, estimated time of arrival, and other notifications. Accounts can be verified with the two-factor authentication system, generating OTP via SMS short code.

The messages sent to a short code incur a higher short code messaging tariff. The essential shared short code services offered by Text Fame is shortcode services; however, they also have other bulk short code texting solutions. We are a short code SMS service provider and provide complete support from generating the SMS short code text messaging, getting licensing from the authoritative parties and guarantee the availability of all operators of transmission.

Our employees keep an eye on the traffic 24/7 and reallocate resources using shared short code services whenever needed. As a short code service provider in Pakistan, we have tweaked the short code messaging system and made it accessible for all enterprises and industries in the country. There are different options for the short code SMS alert available according to the needs of the client. The telecom authorities approve the PTA short code, and you can only buy SMS short code after you have verified your business’ legitimacy.

Types of Short Code Services Offered

Dedicated Short Code

The dedicated short code is for one single company, and it is used by them to run multiple campaigns. The number can receive an alphanumeric text message, and these will be filtered by the short code providers and organized by the bulk SMS short code program. You can buy an SMS short code that is associated with your business only to maximize brand recognition.

Shared Short Code

Multiple organizations own a shared shortcode, and they pool their resources according to their requirements. It means one short code applies to two companies but with different keyword. The bulk text message short codes receiver filters the message according to the unique keyword sent to the shared shortcode. For example, if one company has chosen the keyword "bank," then they will receive all SMS texts from the short code texting service containing that keyword in their inbox. The shared short code pricing is very reasonable and shared short code services are a way to cut down the company's costs.

Our Clients

  • Many different clients use our shortcode services, and we have built a versatile portfolio.
  • Banks and other financial institutions use SMS short code service for their mobile applications.
  • Educational institutes such as schools can use short code to register their students, announce results, send attendance reports, and remind them about the due school fees. They can transmit a daily circular with the homework or any other type of notification through SMS short code.
  • Multinational companies have their employees send a text message to short code marketing for secure communication.
  • News channels and websites send weekly updates to those who subscribe to their services through short code texting.
  • Organizations can conduct customer polls by asking them to send text messages to short codes.
  • Voting systems also take advantage of shared short code pricing to poll numbers.
  • Companies can generate leads, send status reports on shipped orders with tracking information, and remind customers of incoming packages with ETA with short code messaging.
  • Hospitals, NGOs, and other organizations can post blood donation requests and send information on blood drives thanks to the affordable short code pricing.
  • Banks, online shopping websites, and other businesses that require verification can use short code text messaging to send two-factor identification codes or one-time passwords through SMS message.

The Best Short Code SMS Service Provider in Pakistan

It is the job of a short code SMS service provider to cater to all requirements. The PTA short code makes sense for the business, but it is also easier for clients, customers, or employees to remember the number. When you buy SMS short code, you first look at the short code pricing, which in our case, is the most reasonable in the country. Short code texting is the way to establish your business as a legitimate operation. There are many short code providers in Pakistan, but Text Fame is the best one of them all.